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FaceGraph is specialized in identity management, attendance tracking and access control. Today we’ve built a set of well-integrated cloud services and custom hardware that can provide a comprehensive solution for facility management, access control, temperature scanning and school management

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Why use FaceGraph?! 

The trusted facility management cloud

FaceGraph partners with Microsoft, Amazon & Google to provide the best & most secure online services in the world for facility management.

FaceGraph built a group of online cloud services and a number of smart custom-built devices that can be used for attendance tracking, access control, temperature measurement and general facility management.      

Because we have built our own software and hardware in-house and without partners, we have the ability to provide continuous updates to both our hardware and software to both improve existing functionality or introduce new high demand features. In addition to that, we provide access to a set of APIs and SDKs for system integrators to facilitate seamless integration with any existing system.     

Customer trust and the ability to respond to customer requests swiftly made us the platform of choice for hundreds of businesses in North America and around the world.     

Our Mission & Goals

Frictionless attendance tracking & access control   

Powerful & safe facial recognition, RFID & fingerprint identification 

World-class support and around the clock reliable access to our services 

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