Our Story

FaceGraph is a group of intelligent software engineers working to build state of the art software to make apps & software smarter and less intrusive

How it all Started

FaceGraph's founder Ahmed Farag has a career in software development. He has been focused on cloud computing as early as 2012. Since then he was focused on the use of cloud computing to improve software and devices.

Ahmed noticed many schools including his son's school started an effort to introduce technology to make schools more productive. That was a great transformation but it lacked one thing. Good user experience. The users at the school were not very pleased with some of the applications used & sometimes frustrated. They faced issues with remembering their credentials, sometimes with internet connectivity & lengthy processes to get things done.

Ahmed saw that as an opportunity to use AI to dramatically improve these apps at his son's school & make users happier. He built a small program that helps schools use AI to collect attendance via facial recognition instead of account numbers & passwords.

The parents at school & the owners were very pleased with the system and wanted to see it work everywhere and from there FaceGraph was born.

Our Mission

Improve how machines interact with humans in every device & software on the planet

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Our Leadership Team

Ahmed Farag

Founder & CEO

Ahmed Ramy


Paulo Renato

Investor, Cloud Advisor

James Jackson

Business Advisor