Our Story

FaceGraph is a US-based technology company on a mission to become the world’s most trusted identity platform. We leverage cloud-based artificial intelligence technology, enabling people to use their face as their identity.

How it all Started

In 2017, Ahmed Farag – CEO & Founder noticed that many small companies are moving towards digital transformation on their own pace. You go to day cares, schools and sports facilities and you see these businesses have customers struggle with remembering membership ids, finding their RF ids or using their finger print. Ahmed thought it would be great if we can create affordable and easy to use technology that can leapfrog the digital transformation of companies from pen and paper or user name and password directly to nothing required at all to make the machine recognize you! Just your face.

At his son’s school, he noticed that many parents struggle to remember their password to sign-in their kids. Also, many elderly guardians had hard time interacting with tablets and computers to process their kids’ attendance. Ahmed felt that this could be a great area where technology can provide a tremendous value to people to make their lives easier and more secure. He put a prototype together of a facial recognition software and presented it to the school owners as a new way to securely recognize guardians automatically as they are walking in and out of the school. The owners where pleased and supported the idea. That’s when the first product of FaceGraph SmileMe.In was born. Two months later him and with a small team he SmileMe.In was running at the beginning of the school year at his sons’ school. .

Our Mission

Provide a platform to maximize the value of facial recognition applications and minimize the effort required to build, maintain and use biometric enabled devices and services.

Our Products