Portable Handheld Contactless Body Temperature Scanning

GO Handheld Thermal Scanner

Handheld thermal scanner with a sophisticated system of thermal and distance sensors to deliver an accurate and consistent temperature reading

GO Handheld Thermal Scanner


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Applications for GO Handheld Thermal Scanner


Know how GO can help your business

GO Handheld Thermal Scanner


GO Thermal Scanner with a size of a mobile can be easily held


Touch free temperature scanning; no need to put visitors at risk to screen their temperature

Automatic capture

Automatically capture and record temperature 

Alert notifications

A visual and sound alert will be triggered when high temperature is detected

-2 seconds scan

GO Thermal Scanner detect temperature accurately in 2 seconds or less

NFC swipe & barcode

NFC\RFID Card reader comes built into the thermal scanner, for record tracking and attendance logging

2 Scanning modes

Scanning temperature can be customized to be from the head or the wrist

Removable battery

Battery can be easily removed and replaced

SmileMe.In Integration

FaceGraph’s GO Handhled Thermal Scanner integrates with the SmileMe.In portal, where the temperature and attendance can be viewed and tracked

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Software & General Features

Does it require internet?

GO Thermal Scanner can measure temperature, and alert for high temperature, without being connected to the internet.
But if you would like to use the temperature tracking capabilities it must be connect to the internet.

Does it support facial recognition?

Not yet. Currently only an image can be taken with the temperature screening.

Can GO Thermal Scanner record readings?

Yes. It automatically stores all readings and display them in the log page in the app, which can be exported, but it also can store all readings in the cloud which will provide additional functionalities like alerts, reporting and identification.

Can GO Thermal Scanner send email or text alerts?

Yes.  with a cloud account you can receive text (SMS)\ Email or phone push notification alerts for high temperature readings.

Can I connect more than one device to my account?

Yes. You can. We support virtually unlimited number of devices per account. Some of the school districts and large factories that uses our system have many units connected to their account. You can check the status of all the devices from the online portal. The system supports multi-location and departments\rooms.

Can I disable the record tracking feature?

Yes, record tracking feature can be enabled or disabled based on your business needs.

Do I need a cloud subscription to use GO Thermal Scanner?

A subscription is not needed to use GO Thermal Scanner for temperature measurement.
To use the record tracking capabilities, a subscription is needed. You can find more information on subscription pricing here.

How can I switch the temperature reading between °C and °F?

This is can easily be done by setting your preference in GO app settings.

Orders & shipping

I want to place a bulk order; can I get a better price than Amazon or your online shop?

Yes. Please reach out to our sales team directly on +1 408-337-2013 or email Sales@FaceGraph.com and we are happy to help you with your order.

Can you ship outside the US?

Yes. We already ship to many countries internationally and have great international shipping rates. We can also delivery as fast as 2 days if needed depending on which country you are at.