Our Mission

Improve how machines interact with humans in every device & software on the planet

The Problem

In this era, software is growing rapidly & becoming part of almost everything we touch. Technology & the great innovation in AI contributed to a tremendous growth in applications built to improve human lives. Yet, with all these technological advances we still lack a modern way of using these millions of devices & applications

Today it’s common to see

  • People are frustrated with apps and devices that employs poor "invasive" methods to identify users
  • Organizations spend lots of money & time trying to make apps & devices smarter & many times they compromise on security
  • People carry many cards, tokens & devices to shop, access their homes & attend to their daily business needs
  • Spend a lot of money on security, safety & human identification applications

    The Solution

    FaceGraph digitally transforms your software & devices to become a lot smarter & safer. It dramatically improves user experience. With the FaceGraph platform today you can do the following:

    • Build solutions that are capable of easily & securely identify users with their faces in a seamless way
    • Get things done automatically by machines that normally would’ve required human intervention
    • Make your devices smarter without the need to build sophisticated AI models or complex data structures


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