Our Mission

Provide a platform to maximize the value of facial recognition applications and minimize the effort required to build, maintain and use biometric enabled devices and services.

The Problems We Are Solving

The number of apps, services and devices that relies on facial recognition is growing rapidly as the use of AI became more affordable. Many of the biometric apps and devices provide a great value in many areas like (security, convenience, accessibility & entertainment). Yet all of the apps and devices in the market are standalone apps or disparate platforms, they all require you to go through an initial process to setup your profile (enrollment or training). Without that process their apps and systems will not be usable.

This introduces the following set of problems

  • You have to enroll for each and every system separately which is not convenient.
  • Your biometric information including your profile picture (representing your identity) information will be owned and shared by multiple organizations. [Lose control on your identity]
  • Control and access of all your identity info is decentralized and cumbersome

    The Solution we are providing

    We will provide a one stop platform (FaceGraph) that allows you to enter your identity information (aka your profile pic) only once in a secure fashion. This platform will allow you to do the following:

    • Give you the *ability* and *control* to share your identity information (profile pic for e.g.) to the apps, devices and systems you choose. This will allow these apps and systems to be auto-configured\trained with the existing information stored in the graph db.
    • You *own* your identity and have the control to *grant* or *revoke* access to any application\device\system at any time
    • You can leverage the connected network feature to unlock access to friends and family part of the network with a click of a button
    • You get details report of how your identity been used across all your devices and apps including your loved ones.

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