Thermal Tablet

Product Description

FaceGraph & HanShin produced a smart temperature scanning tablet with a sophisticated system of thermal & distance sensors in addition to an environmental thermometer to deliver an accurate & consistent temperature reading.

No longer need to put front desk staff at risk to screen incoming visitors, let the device handle it for you. Meets FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment during the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Comes with a best-in-class NFC\RFID reader built-in to scan registered users (staff, students, ) or unregistered users (patients, guests, ) in addition to logging their body temperature.

THIS DEVICE PLUGS TO POWER - DOES'T COME WITH A BATTERY Main function: Temperature scanning, attendance recording for kids and adults, with or without a face mask. Identification: Supported via RFID (NFC) & soon with facical recognition Temperature unit: °Celsius or °Fahrenheit Temperature error: 0. 3°C Measurement distance: 4" to 13" Triggering method: Automatically detects human, no touch required.Or Swiping RFID card Installation: Mounted on wall (Wall mount included), or hung on standard VESA mount\stand [Sold separately] Suitable for: Schools, restaurants, theaters, offices, factories, health clubs, gyms, hair salons Reporting: Online portal with 1 year sub.

included for free Internet: Not required, device can still do scanning without internet nor subscription but won't record in cloud Abnormal Temperature Alert: Visual & sound Package list: Smart Kiosk Unit with 10. 2" IPS Display x 1 Wall mount kit x 1 110v/220v Power Adaptor x 1 (DC) 1 year

Product Features


Touch free temperature scanning; no need to put front desk staff at risk to screen incoming visitors

2 Seconds Quick Scan

Temperature results in under 2 seconds

Built-in NFC\RFID Card reader

NFC\RFID Card reader comes built into the thermal kiosk, for record tracking and attendance logging

Measure Distance 4" to 13”

Temperature can be measured up to 13” away from the thermal kiosk

Abnormal Temperature Alert

A visual and sound alert will be triggered when an abnormal temperature is detected

Automatic Capture & Recording

Automatically capture and record temperature and attendance

Compact and Portable

The thermal kiosk can be mounted on a wall or on a variety of stands, to adjust to any height

SmileMe.In Integration

FaceGraph’s thermal kiosk integrates with the SmileMe.In portal, where the temperature and attendance can be viewed and tracked

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Can the Smart Thermal Kiosk be mounted on a wall or stand?

Yes, it can be mounted on a wall. It can also be mounted on a variety of stands, that are sold.

Does it require internet?

The Smart Thermal Kiosk can measure temperature, and alert for above normal temperature, without being connected to the internet.

But if you would like to use the image, attendance and temperature tracking capabilities it must be connect to the internet.

Can it measure children’s temperature?

Yes, it can measure temperature for all ages.

Can it measure temperature even when wearing a face mask?

Yes, it can accurately measure temperature with or without wearing a face mask.

Can I disable the image capturing feature?

Yes, image capturing can be enabled or disabled, based on your business needs.

Can I disable the record tracking feature

Yes, record tracking feature can be enabled or disabled, based on your business needs.

Can the Smart Thermal Kiosk be mounted on a wall or stand?

A subscription is not needed to use the Smart Thermal Kiosk for temperature measurement.

To use the record tracking capabilities, a subscription is needed. You can find more information on subscription pricing here.

How can I switch the temperature reading between C and F?

This is can easily be done by setting your preference in Smart Thermal Kiosk’s settings screen.

Is the display a touch screen?

No, the display is not touch screen. You can connect a mouse to the USB port at the back of the Smart Thermal Kiosk.