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Go thermal scanner is almost here!

Go thermal scanner is almost here!


We are so excited that we are about to launch our new handheld device “Go Thermal Scanner”. The new device is easy to use and light to be carried indoors and outdoors. It is used for contactless temperature measurement that is done in less than 2 seconds.
Also, Go can be used for attendance tracking using facial recognition and RFID.
Stay tuned for the big release!

FaceGraph is Amazon's choice for Thermal scanners

FaceGraph is Amazon's choice for Thermal scanners


We are excited to announce that our Thermal Scanner has been chosen to be Amazon's choice!

Intelligent School Management System

So long, pen and paper time entry or even digital tablets, schools around the world are flocking to SmileMe.In for AI passwordless attendance tracking. Voted the best attendance tacking experience by guardians and parents.

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Why FaceGraph?

FaceGraph is the only platform in the market that lets developers & power users easily build solutions that can benefit from an accurate & safe facial recognition AI features. We provide an easy to use portal in addition to our APIs that you can use to create face profiles and submit identification requests securely with great speed