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FaceGraph was founded in 2017 with the goal of making facility management ubiquitous, affordable, and secure for all businesses. 

FaceGraph has the best facility management cloud “SmileMe.In“ & devices for schools, workplaces and sport facilities. 

We offer our customers simplified and automated identity management, attendance tracking, and access control. FaceGraph solutions are now being used by over 660 organizations, mostly based in North America. Our success comes from the ability to customize hardware to the user’s precise needs. Our attendance tracking and temperature scanning devices can be used in facility management such as gyms, workplaces, and schools.

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Why FaceGraph

FaceGraph is specialized in identity management, attendance tracking and access control. Today we’ve built a set of well-integrated cloud services and custom hardware that can provide a comprehensive solution for facility management, access control, temperature scanning and school management.

FaceGraph partners with Microsoft, Amazon & Google to provide the best & most secure online services in the world for facility management.

FaceGraph built a group of online cloud services and several smart custom-built devices that can be used for attendance tracking and record keeping, access control, temperature measurement and general facility management.

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Emad Bella


Ahmed Farag

Founder & Chairman

Sara Hamdy

Operations Specialists

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What we do

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