FaceGraph GO Handheld Scanner

FaceGraph GO Handheld Scanner

Portable Handheld Contactless Attendance and Temperature

Price : $549.99

About FaceGraph GO Handheld Scanner

Easily take attendance and measure temperature simultaneously using our GO scanner. It can precisely read the skin temperature on the wrist or forehead; it also supports facial recognition and RFID. 


TechnicalSpecs :

Display : 

Body Temperature Measurement Site :

Infrared Measuring Distance :

Rear Camera : 

Communications :

Peripheral Ports :

Audio :

Power Supply :

Battery :

Environmental Operating temperature :

Android 7.1 or above, CPU: Quad-Core 1.1GHz or above, Memory : 1GB DDR.

4-inch, 720*1280.

Forehead/Wrist Measurement method : Non-contact

<3i n Temperature measurement  time : ≤1S, Measuring temprange : 89.6 F–109F, Measurement accuracy : +-0.3F.

5MP, Auto focus (face recognition)

WiFi/Bluetooth-Support of 2GSM SIM cards for broadband connection.

1 MicroUSB, 1DC Charge.

Digital Audio Speaker Microphone.


3.8V/3000mAh, Li-ion.

41°F ~ 113°F Storage Temperature : -25°F ~ 140°F.


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